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Dear Black Woman,

I've been doing some research on you and what I found was not pretty. There is data on top of data that shows that Black women are at the bottom of the barrel in our careers if we opt for politics, medicine and even corporate to name a few. There is one area in which we excel and that is entrepreneurship. It's one of the main areas where we thrive.

The problem is that as fast as we can start a business, we are also quickly realizing the harsh realities that come with being an entrepreneur and it is that much more challenging for us; with a lack of access to funding and other supports that would position us for significant opportunities to help us scale. This is what brought me to write: Why Black Women Need to Mind Their Own Business.


Who Am I?

I am Sandra Gabriel, your friendly neighbourhood business and brand strategist and a fellow Black womanpreneur. I have been serving Black female brands for over 17 years and I see the truth of what it means to be a Black woman in business. I know your struggles and I'm here to help!

I believe that the tools, resources and knowledge I share will have a positive impact on your business. Whether you want to position yourself for funding, improve productivity and manage your operations, create your brand identity and develop media relationships or maybe you're just getting started. Whatever level you're at, I've walked the journey for both of us and I would love to partner with you not just to see you succeed but to see all our sisters in business come out on top. 

So are you in?

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